Valentine’s ruined! Musiq Soulchild and friends shown the red card…

…and it wasn’t in the shape of a heart.

Now I was never going to make the dress code (as has been kindly pointed out to me) but I’m sure there were a lot of disappointed heads in Manchester this Valentine’s weekend when this gig…

…turned out not to happen. Aside from the fact you’ve paid £30 for a single ticket, be safe in the knowledge that all your hard-earned has now ended up in this bloke’s pocket, Mr TicketMania… here follows a statement from the Musiq Soulchild camp (all is (sic))

To all European fans in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Netherlands, Copenhagen and Sweden.
On behalf of Musiq Soulchild, his manager, band & crew. We send our sincerest apologies on the cancellation of shows during Valentine’s day weekend 2010. Because of the Promoter, Terence Reid and His company TICKET MANIA FOR NOT BOOKING PROPER FLIGHTS AND TRANSPORTATION.

Musiq was scheduled toperform in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Netherlands,Copenhagen and Sweden follow their performance in London on Feb 12th.

Prior & upon Musiq’s arrival into London there was an immediate problem with transportation
from the airport to the hotel. The bus driver at the airport informed management that he didn’t receive payment for his services from the Promoter, Terence Reid.

Fortunately for all three Artist, they were able to make and perform at the Brixton Academy in London.

Musiq was ready willing and able to perform in all of the above cities.

After being told by the promoter, Terence Reid that transportation from London to Manchester would be set for 7:30am on the morning of Feb 13th Musiq Soulchild & his crew along with Avant and his crew checked out of their rooms (a total of 25 people) waited in the hotel lobby for 13hrs with no place to go until Musiq paid for rooms for his Band and crew that were supposed to be provided by the Promoter in all cities. Mr. Reid did not arrive to the hotel where he left 25 people stranded with no apologies, no concerns for the Artist and his Band who were thousands of mile away from their homes.

Terence Reid DID NOT PAY for the transportation to OTHER cities, AND CLAIMED THAT HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY MORE MONEY TO PAY FOR BUSES AND FLIGHTS. HE cancelled shows while management for Musiq & Avant where emailing the venues trying
to save the shows.

In addition Terence Reid accepted money from all venues in Netherlands, Copenhagen and Sweden that was supposed to
provide Travel for Musiq Soulchild and his crew, which was NEVER given to Musiq to arrange travel leading to those shows being cancelled.

In addition Ticket Mania .com was selling false meet and greet tickets for £80 £100 and £120 which the promoter never set
up with the Venue nor Musiq Soulchild

This is unfair business practices!!!!!!!!

We feel that the actions of Terence Reid and his company Ticket Mania needs to hear from all our fans and ask for your full refund. PLEASE pass this message on!! ruined what was supposed to be a beautiful Valentine’s Day weekend.

Terence Reid is a dishonest man who made business promises to Musiq Soulchild and his
fans that he did not keep

We’re asking every one to Protest against Ticket Mania (Ticket Mania is a company that sells Ticket to events in the London UK)

Musiq will personally make a video message with his personal apologies within the next week.

We’re asking every one to Protest against:

[email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

UK Mobile: 7809395228

UK Fax
# 2085031221

Fax # 2085031221

Luvanmusiq Touring Inc.

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